Our Process

We work with our financial services clients as partners. Together we develop clear, practical action plans, and support or run the implementation of those plans to ensure real and sustainable performance improvement.


The first stage is the most important and is introspective. If we get this right everything falls into place. We ask a lot of questions to understand your personal, professional and financial goals; your skillset, strengths, time commitment – anything that is important in launching and running a business successfully. We get there by a short questionnaire and 1 hour consult/interview.


In stage two, we create a personal business model. The franchise business model is essentially what your perfect brand would look like. We then compare it to the leading franchises to identify a handful of brands that match your profile. We will then share the concepts with you and introduce you to the ones that resonate the most. We have an innate bias to simple models in industries we believe will be around for the long haul. I avoid fads, “hot brands” and businesses that are not Amazon-proof.


The third step is due diligence and discovery – it’s when you learn about all the aspects of a franchise.
It is a methodical approach to exploring franchise ownership. During the discovery phase, which takes about 45-60 days, you will speak with the franchisor, review documents, and speak to franchisees. We will speak regularly and we will provide insights, insider info, resources, and tools to help you maximize the due diligence process.


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