Have a Great Business and Thinking About Your Best Growth Strategy?

Maybe franchising the business and scaling is the best approach.

Franchise Development converts existing businesses into a franchise system. The Perfect Franchise helps businesses develop an effective growth strategy to launch franchises that can scale.

There are three phases of the process. The first phase is a strategic business assessment. During this phase, the quality, scalability, and financials of the concept are analyzed with an eye to whether the concept can be effectively franchised. Once the business assessment is complete a strategy is created that lays out a blueprint for your franchise business and its growth.

The second step in the process is actually turning your business into a franchise. This includes the creation of documents such as the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), operations manual, and training materials. In addition, it is during this stage that all the appropriate regulatory boxes are checked.

The final step is the execution of the growth plan. Essentially this is the franchise sales process and begins with identifying, educating, and onboarding new franchisees. This is where there is a lot of heavy lifting since you need to train and support them while still running your existing locations. It is hard, but rewarding work to build a franchise.

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