I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and witnessed firsthand the freedom and autonomy we had, which was different than others.  We could take last-minute vacations, we didn’t answer to anyone.  My dad worked hard, but he worked on his terms.

Despite this experience, I was raised to get an education and work for someone else.  I ignored the entrepreneurial spirit within and attended college with the intention of getting a good job during an era where a college degree from the “right” school was my ticket to a good job. I played it “safe”.

When I graduated from Santa Clara University Cum Laude a few years later, the market had changed and jobs were scarce.

So much for playing it “safe”.

I started my own business and soon I was the CEO, CFO, CMO, Admin, Tech Support, and janitor on any given day.  I wore all the hats for four years and the potential was exciting (at first).  I worked hard, but financially, I was barely making ends meet and that was getting old. I needed to scale or bail but didn’t know how/if/when.  I was stuck.

I got an offer at a Silicon Valley start-up with a salary, benefits, and stock options.  Finally, an opportunity!  I closed my business (even after four years of grinding, there was nothing to sell) and jumped into the world of tech startups.  The energy, the camaraderie, and the potential to make it big was exhilarating! I still wore many hats but I was no longer alone.  It was a wild ride for six months, and then VC pulled funding and there I was without a job or a business.

So much for playing it “safe”.

For the next 10+ years, I worked corporate jobs and/or small, family-owned businesses.  They told me I had a lot of “potential” and while I started full of ambition and possibility, I eventually succumbed to a fear-based corporate culture or growth limitations.  I spent hours and hours away from family, always answered to someone else, felt disengaged at work, and took that energy home – I was “there” but not present.  I was in constant fear of losing my job, despite the fact that I was delivering results.  Again, I was stuck.

My family relocated which prompted an opportunity to make a change.  I was open to something new and wanted my energy directed toward something with meaning, fulfillment, and financial return.

When I met someone in franchising who encouraged me to join the industry, I wasn’t excited. (Ha!)  I assumed franchising meant super-sizing America or selling $5-Footlongs, but I kept an open mind.

When I learned about the vast number of industries available in franchise models, many service-based businesses, and semi-absentee ownership options, I gave it a try.

I joined a franchise business with marketing, accounting, and operational systems that I could execute and finetune on my terms.  It provided best-in-class technology systems that put me ahead of the competition. It was everything that was missing in my own business years before!  Plus, the energy and camaraderie among other franchise owners was amazing — I had support AND autonomy.

With hard work, I launched in franchising with more efficiency, success, and fulfillment than I’d ever experienced on my own.  I was engaged and enjoying work-life balance and time with family and hobbies.  I no longer traveled for work but for pleasure.  

Today, I draw from years of experience to help you learn about the franchise industry, match you to your “perfect” franchise business, and conduct rigorous due diligence to determine which franchise is the right vehicle to achieving your goals – personally, professionally, and financially.