The entrepreneur journey started in Southern Italy three generations ago.  My grandfather Saulle was searching for a better life, he was a skilled tailor and immigrated to the United States in New York.  He considered himself lucky because he worked hard enough to let success happen.  He saved enough money for two years so that his wife and three children, of which the youngest child was my mother Teresa, could join him in New York.  

While growing up in an immigrant family it was important for me to understand work ethic and express gratitude to be in a country that rewards people for their work effort.   As grandfather Saulle aged, his health took a turn, and frequently needed medical attention.  The doctors concluded he had a form of Parkinson’s disease and was affecting his nervous system.  The family struggled and was unsure how to handle the situation of the family patriarch needing help after him spending so many years providing for them.  Unfortunately, his condition worsened and he passed away.  

Seeing the need for quality care and watching the family struggle, this situation prompted me to pursue business ownership and franchising.  After working in several leadership positions in Corporate America this personal experience catapulted me into franchising.  As a result I have helped thousands of people either figure out care plans for themselves or their loved ones and or provide guidance to help people make the leap into franchising. My entrepreneurial push into franchising created a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.  

This sense of gratitude, which started in the family many years ago in Southern Italy, is what I want to give back to the clients of The Perfect Franchise and to guide them on the path to business ownership and franchising to achieve the life they want to live.