I’d like to share with you the story of my professional career. My professional career was going as expected for 30+ years until I was let go from a senior management position that I was expecting to retire from.  After 21 + years with a Healthcare business called SmartHealth they decided they no longer needed me. Even though I know there are always surprises in life, I was completely knocked off my feet and humbled. I tried to maintain a positive attitude during this career transition, but I can say it was not easy. 

I was raised in Michigan by a blue collar and very conservative family and business ownership was the last thing on my mind since I was never exposed to the idea. I was told the only way to get ahead in life was to get good grades and attend college. I attended Michigan State University in the 80’s and obtained my degree in Materials & Logistics Management. After graduating from MSU, I was offered a Purchasing position from Texas Instruments in their defense division in Dallas, Texas.  I jumped at the opportunity to leave the Midwest and move to Texas, where I felt there was a great business opportunity in a large city where business was thriving. I worked for Texas Instruments for over nine years and obtained a master’s degree in business management from the University of Dallas. 

After nine years of employment with Texas Instruments, I decided a change in my career was necessary, so I moved to Phoenix, Arizona where I was hired as a Purchasing Manager for SmartHealth. I was hired as a replacement for the previous manager that was fired, and I knew I was on a short leash because of the CEO’s frustration with the way the business was failing. After many promotions and advancements in this business, I was now responsible for all Operational departments, Purchasing, Transportation and Warehousing functions. I also have the privilege of moving many warehouses globally. 

After 21 years with this healthcare company, I was blindsided and let go when they sold off half of their dental supply business. This is the first major challenge and set back in my career where I faced adversity, and I needed to figure out what my next step was. After nine months of contemplation, and not finding the right corporate position I decided to pursue a path in franchising, which is a path I would’ve never even considered. I decided to purchase a home based fitness franchise that I was passionate about even though there were some red flags with the Franchisor. While I was managing this business, I decided to become a franchise business consultant as well because of the experience I had as I explored business options. The consultant that assisted me purchase this franchise, did a very poor job in guiding me down this entrepreneurial path. After a few years with this business, I decided to sell the business and focus my efforts as a full-time Franchise business consultant. 

My wife and I decided to move to Florida to be closer to her parents due to their failing health, where I continued to hone my skills as a business advisor. As the years progressed, I became one of the top consultants in my organization and received many referrals from my previous clients. One of the most important aspects in my life and that I get great joy in is to help others succeed (My Why!). I received help from many people throughout my professional career and this is my way of giving back to others. 

Even though I was no longer a franchises business owner when we moved to Florida, my wife and I were always looking for another business opportunity that my wife and our 25-year-old daughter could own and operate. We decided to purchase a Health & Wellness franchise in 2023 and look forward to opening this business in the Summer of 2024. We are both excited about this business opportunity and I will continue to manage my franchise consulting business as well as assist my wife with launching our business. 

My wife’s criteria when selecting a franchise business model was that the operations needed to be simple and straightforward and also required only a few employees to operate. We wanted a business that we could eventually run as a semi-absentee business and our daughter could take over as the General Manager. 

I have guided many clients in my 5+ years as a franchise business advisor and my clients had different reasons for exploring entrepreneurial opportunities. Some clients already had businesses, and just wanted to expand their business portfolio, some left their corporate jobs because they were tired and ready for a change, many clients were let go from their jobs like me. Many clients convey to me they want to take control of their professional career and not rely on a corporation – my motivation as well!

I am very professional and take great pride as a Franchise Business Advisor and I treat others as I would like to be treated, (Golden Rule).  When I was let go from my corporate position, I was devastated by the experience, but in hindsight, it was the best thing that ever happened to me and now I couldn’t be happier. I have the financial freedom and the time flexibility that I never envisioned in my corporate career, and I look forward to our next business adventure as owners of a health and wellness business franchise.