Making the move from a long-term career path to entrepreneurship may feel daunting and uncertain.  For many professionals the ongoing pursuit of titles, pay raises, commissions, bonuses and status have been a constant motivator for the majority of their adult working lives. Many of us have been conditioned to pursue ascension up the corporate ladder with the promise of security, wealth and the admiration of your peers for a career well served and a job well done.

In reality, the days of earning a Gold Watch from your company for a lifetime of service is a bygone notion that is at odds with the realities of today’s work environment.  On average a business professional in the US will have 12.7 distinct jobs throughout the course of their career.  According to US Labor Statistics there is a 40% chance that you will be laid off by an employer at least once during your career.  Every day in the news across disparate sectors major layoffs have been announced by previously “safe” corporate behemoths including GM, Apple, Salesforce, Google, Ford and Microsoft.  

No longer will you find companies intending to huddle down and navigate through challenging times to save employees jobs.  Instead, cutting headcount is employed as the easiest and most available way to ensure corporate profits are strong and C-Level leaders secure their bonuses.

There must be a better way…..

When faced with these very real market realities many individuals give a passing thought to pursuing business ownership.  They have obtained saleable business skills as they’ve advanced in their careers.  They’ve led teams and launched new products and closed new business totaling millions of dollars. What if they were making that money and closing those deals for themselves?

Franchise exploration is an easy way to begin the process of transitioning your career from employee to employer and making the transition from cashing checks to writing checks.  Thousands of companies have chosen franchising to bolster the footprint of their company and increase overall profitability.  They offer individuals an opportunity to purchase and run a franchise where their profitability is uncapped.  Franchisors assess candidates and identify individuals who will be positive brand shepherds and run the business in accordance with the overall company ethos.

Franchise candidates are free to examine multiple business opportunities across a myriad of verticals.  They will become educated on successful business models that are already proven winners.  Additionally, via Franchise Disclosures Documents (FDD’s) they are afforded a peak behind the curtain to understand unit economics, marketing strategies, business processes, corporate support and tools that will all be working in concert to help them succeed. 

So, whether you are exploring semi absentee ownership as a side hustle or if you’re fully committed to severing the cord and becoming a full-time owner operator.  Franchise exploration can leave you prepared in case of company volatility and adverse career circumstances. Franchise ownership can be an incredibly rewarding path to becoming your own boss and taking responsibility for your future success.